well i nearly spent Christmas in the hospital!!! i got the flu almost a month ago and it just kept getting worse and worse , three weeks of H%$%$^ went by . then one day i collapsed by my bed and suddenly found to my horror i could not stand or walk at all???!! the next day i began having spells of being unable to talk right . my hubby called 911 and off we went , they wanted to fly me in but it was a no go due to a snow/sleet/rain... anyway i ended up with an IV in each side of my throat and one even in my left foot !!
the only nice thing in all this was an X-ray man saw me lieing in the er bed sobbing and remembered me , he came in kissed my forhead and hugged me so mich he ended lifting me up off the bed .he also drew a smiley on my cast and signed it . before i forget i've been gone so long because i fell and brike my right wrist , can't recall if i told you all of that before...
on christmas eve my doctor (strangely minus my heart doc) asked me if i wanted to spend christmas at home . i told him as much as i loved Santa visiting me and giving me a cute stuffed puppy. i'd really with all my heart want to spend christmas with my hubby . so after promiseing him i'd stay off my pc and in bed ir at least lieing down as much as i could for at least a week .
i came home in a moomoo a huge wool coat and Harley Davidson boots hahaha!!!! christmas day i overdid it and almost went back to the er lol . hubby cooked ok ok tried to cook a huge feast for just the two of us , we ended up having a good friend with us , i loved it
i hope your Christmas was as great as mine was i've missed everyone.
oh yeah , i had congestive heart failure as severe as it was the first t ime when they put me on the transplant list . i'm beyond thrilled to report my heart still only functions at 36% which for me is great it means i thank all the Gods still don't need a new heart , over the the past 45 years i've been on my planet i've grown to love my very cruddy working heart lol .