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    Happy Earth Day !
    Earth Day<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>


    Reply from Ravenstardust:

    Hi Happy Earth day to you too healer.gif

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    Leaving a kudo for you!

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    Have a terrific weekend!
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    Have a great Thursday
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    Wishing you a.....
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    Happy New Year.....
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    filled with friendship, peace, and joy.

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"Fix your mind inwardly between the eyebrows on the shoreless lake of peace. Watch the eternal circle of rippling peace around you. The more you watch intently, the more you will feel the wavelets of peace spreading from the eyebrows to the forehead, from the forehead to the heart, and on to every cell in your body. Now the waters of peace are overflowing the banks of your body and inundating the vast territory of your mind. The flood of peace flows over the boundaries of your mind and moves on in infinite directions." {PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA}

I'm a solitary witch I've been studying for over 13 years . I'm a mother of three and a grand mother of three .I have recently become a level one apprentice Druid .
I've had fibromyalgia for 26 years and at one time I was on a heart transplant list . However my heart improved I'm happy to say I don't need a new heart now and hopefully never will ... I love all animals and am forever finding myself adopting critters that wander to me who are hurt or sick or those the local kids bring me to heal .

My Occupation

student and seeker of all things magickal image
In every grain of
wheat there lies hidden the soul of a star.

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  1. Say Good Morning...

    10/23/09 08:57:31 | 0 Comments

    Good morning it's almost 2am . I'm heading for bed .
  2. Been MIA for so long , I'm posting an intro lol .

    10/23/09 08:44:12 | 0 Comments

    Hi again here's a picture of me and one of my snakes . This was taken almost 3 years ago .
    The snake is Patcy he's almost 4 feet long now
  3. good morning, afternoon, and night greets(we're updateing this post so come see what's new lol)

    09/02/09 07:22:00 | 0 Comments

    good morning . I've been busy moving from Arizona to Washington . I'm on my daughters pc right now until we can dig out my power cords to my pc .
  4. I know I seem to be posting a lot of different posts . This is a short vent ..

    05/22/09 09:37:56 | 0 Comments

    I'm sorry for posting so many different posts . But I really need to get this out befor eI head off to bed it's 2am now ! I've spent the last 4 weeks (one week was spent in the hospital) listening to Craig yell at me or scream and cuss at me or anything and everything !!!! First and worst was the fact that Craig told Joelene (my daughter) that he did not have 500.00$ like he had...
  5. How do you break a magickal entrapment ????!!

    04/19/09 06:43:57 | 0 Comments

    I moved in to the house I live in currently now 2 years ago . At the time I came out one day after my daughter had gotten all moved in and we really wanted to buy it and live here from now on ... Things have been just one bad thing after another another for the past 2 and a half years . Finally now I have to move out and move all the way to Washington state and live with my daughter and...
  6. A morning poem/prayer to share the Magick"

    03/31/09 09:43:51 | 0 Comments

    Mother of Memory

    Father of Dream
    Read More
  7. almost didn't get to be home for christmas , merry Christmas to you my friends

    01/03/09 07:43:14 | 0 Comments

    thanks so much shade for the " Halti collar" could you post a link to a website where i can buy one for ozzy , he's about the size of a medium size gteat dane ...
    hi virgina , my wrist and whole right arm have been in agony since earlier tonight ... so i may make a visit to thr ER monday , i may have injured something...
  8. almost didn't get to be home for christmas , merry Christmas to you my friends

    12/30/08 20:23:33 | 0 Comments

    well i nearly spent Christmas in the hospital!!! i got the flu almost a month ago and it just kept getting worse and worse , three weeks of H%$%$^ went by . then one day i collapsed by my bed and suddenly found to my horror i could not stand or walk at all???!! the next day i began having spells of being unable to talk right . my hubby called 911 and off we went , they wanted to fly me in but it...
  9. Please read this "which do you have?Menopause OR Panic attacks

    11/22/08 04:30:58 | 0 Comments

    I had to have a full hysterectomy way back in 1987 when I was 23 . I began to have all kinds of strange things begin to happen ... Well my doctor at the time had told me I'd probably end up going into early menopause . So I began taking estrogen which only made me grow HAIR (you can begin laughing now
  10. Finally , I spent a whole day NOT in bed...

    11/02/08 07:32:48 | 0 Comments

    Last Monday I began to feel really tired for no reason . By Tuesday I was so sick I had to have help to get from my bed room to the bathroom . I've spent the past 5 days in bed drinking "Thurra Flu" like a fiend .

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